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Get on the TEDx Speaker List: 5 Tips

A key component of a successful TEDx event is focused on the speakers. Typically, for these events there is a call for speakers, a speaker selection process, a shortlist, then a final list. At a deeper level, this is your chance, as a leader in your area, to share your ideas. Here are 5 tips how to get shortlisted.

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Team dynamics – tips for riding out the storming phase

Whenever people get together to form a project-team, client-team, volunteer team etc., there are four stages the team will go through, and must go through, as part of normal team dynamics. You may have heard of them: forming, storming, norming, performing as Bruce Tuckman first explained it to us.  There are good descriptions of this […]

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How to Run an Internal Kick-off Meeting

New! On Twitter? Like quotes? Click to join our beta trial.  This article is about the project kick-off meeting, a meeting with your team only—no client—and gives the reasons why such a meeting should be on your radar. I’ve also included some suggestions on what topics to cover during the meeting. Another Meeting! Like we […]

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Avoiding Meeting-time Ping Pong

You can relate, I’m sure. An email the other day said “…let’s meet on the phone to discuss, let me know when next week is good for you.” I had this strange feeling that meeting-time ping pong was about to start. What is meeting-time ping pong? This is my name for the situation that occurs […]

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Why You Need To Tell Your Client What You Are Doing

This may seem obvious. You are hired to do something because you have skills that are better or faster than what your client can do on his own. Or, you have skills your client simply doesn’t have. Once hired, it is easy to assume your client “knows” what you’ll be doing. After all, you were […]

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Marketing Execution = F1 Pit Crew

This week over at the great blog of MarketingProfs, they turned their attention to marketing execution/marketing operations. Notably, a favourite subject of mine. Both terms (marketing execution and marketing operations) seem to be used interchangeably and mean slightly different things at different companies. Laura Patterson wrote the excellent post on marketing operations that caught my eye. She […]

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Why Did You Ask Me To Join Your Project?

After asking someone I’ve know professionally for 10 years to join my project, she hit me with this “why did you ask me to join your project?” This caught me off guard, and I was quite taken back by the question. In all the projects I have run, when asking someone to join I usually get […]

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How To Find Experts (part 2 of 2)

How To Find The Experts You Had No Idea You Needed In part one of this post, I explained some tips that have worked for me when I needed to find the great people I like to, and need to work with on the various projects I’m involved in. This post will focus on how […]

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Choose Yourself

How To Be Like Google

I was listening to the Six Pixels of Separation podcast the other day and James Altucher was the guest. During the podcast, I found out about his new book called Choose Yourself. I bought it that day and finished it within a week. That’s not really saying much, it is a short (and very good) […]

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How to find experts (part 1 of 2)

Ok, so the word “expert” may be relative and it may make you immediately think of a Dilbert cartoon. However, there may come a point in time when you need to find someone who does “x”. Be it a writer, a designer, a programmer… most likely though, unless you’ve been actively looking for these folks […]

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