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The Secret to an Effective Workshop? Flawless Execution

How a focus on execution can help your workshop: 7 steps Delivering a workshop can be one of the best ways to share your knowledge and get in front of your future clients. While the content of your talk needs to be relevant, helpful and insightful, you must put just as much care into the […]

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Do This One Thing When Meeting Your Virtual Team in Real Life

Grow Your Virtual Team Relationships These days, it is possible you are part of at least one team that works virtually. Perhaps each person on your team is located in a different part of the city, country or world. Your meetings and work is done over email, video conferencing or some type of virtual office arrangement like Sococo. […]

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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Get your website driving leads One purpose of your website is to produce sales leads for your business. Understanding how this works, then, figuring out how best to do it on your own site can feel like a daunting challenge. My colleague Chris Getman over at Vital took the time to painstakingly demystify the jargon and the […]

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Fastest Social Growth on Twitter… From Grandparents

One of the neat things I get to do most Thursdays at noon, is moderate a live online marketing seminar put on by MarketingProfs  (a client of ours). Experts in sales, social media and search drop by to educate us for about an hour, followed by 30 mins of live audience Q&A. Recently Jill Rowley was the guest […]

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Making Multi-Time Zone Team Calls Work – 3 Tips

You’re leading the meeting next week for the first time. Sounds simple. The only thing is that all attendees are based in different cities around the country (or globe). Each in a different time zone, and all will need to be on the conference call. How are you going to plan and implement such a task to […]

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how to get more public speaking through your digital marketing

How Effective Digital Marketing Implementation Leads To More Speaking Opportunities

  Where is the link between digital marketing implementation and speaking at industry events? Speaking at conferences and events can be a powerful way to raise awareness and generate more business for your company. That is, once you are on a stage. Event organizers — those teams who are organizing trade shows, business association meetings and […]

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project managers help keep clients happy

How a Marketing Project Manager Keeps Your Clients Happy

Really effective marketing project managers can work wonders. They can keep the team together, ensure the technical “stuff” gets developed, bring in milestones on time, and know that the creative just absolutely needs to be showcased properly. But all this is on your team side. What about client side? How can your marketing project manager […]

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Why You May Need a Marketing Project Manager and Where to Find One

Last week I was chatting with a colleague of mine. She was expressing her irritation over a marketing project that caused her a lot of frustration. “My project manager was great at all the project management stuff. But when things went off the rails, all he could do was tell me that we were over […]

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Please Do Not Launch Your Marketing Strategy This Way

Every business needs a marketing strategy for their company or product or service. Doing so means knowing where you want to go with the business, and who your ideal customer is. While there is (I’m guessing) an obvious need for your product, you aren’t really sure that marketing works because you don’t seem to be […]

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Four Little-Known Steps to Improving Your Digital Marketing

Without increasing costs, effective execution can dramatically improve and deliver greater results from all marketing elements. Some easily made changes can produce more results and a better use of your digital marketing efforts. In many organizations, one person may have responsibility for email marketing, another for events*, another for social media and yet another for […]

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