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6 tips to surviving (and thriving) at speed networking events

New! On Twitter? Like quotes? Click to join our beta trial.  I was a guest at a speed networking event yesterday morning hosted by the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE). It was my first event of this kind at their group. Helpful Personally I like these types of events. It allows me […]

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Help Your Sales Team: How to Set Up a Sales Channel With Distributors

One of the most effective things you can do to help your marketing is to set up or revamp a system which gets the business flowing and the dollars coming in the door. Sales is an area that needs to run smoothly in your business, and anything that can be done to help keep your […]

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What is marketing execution?

Simply creating a marketing strategy is not enough. A strategy is just a theoretical exercise that can sit on the shelf for days, months and years. Once your marketing strategy is in place, things must happen to bring about the desired change – that is the point of it all. The wonderful combination of visualization, […]

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Trust, transactions and relationships

It has been my experience that the people who are responsible for executing the plan need to have strong diplomatic skills. In fact, I often wonder why soft skills (emotional quotient) are not given more weight in this area. Just look at what they have to orchestrate to get results… In order to execute a […]

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The secret to marketing strategy

Here’s a secret…marketing works when execution gets done. And done right. The perfect strategy, plan, desire and thought only becomes real when execution happens. Far too regularly, common and basic execution errors occur because It’s like this: after months of training fit and talented athletes, a coach can carefully consider the competition and develop an excellent strategy […]

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Happy 4th of July

  Wishing my great neighbours (neighbors?) to the south a wonderful fourth of July!

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Yes, marketing execution needs to sweat the details

A boss I learned a tremendous amount from had an art-focused analogy for explaining strategy. He likened it to a large painting. “Think of the strategy as literally a large painting, the big picture, the whole picture” he said. He would then make reference to me “painting the eyeball” (of a subject in the previously […]

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Marketing execution equals output

How can you tell that marketing execution is working? The right things are happening in a coordinated way. This is where it is essential that the person or team leading the marketing execution activities have a strong understanding of the strategy. They keep this “big goal” in mind as they manage all the elements to […]

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Marketing Strategy Execution Delivers Results

Welcome to our blog about successful marketing strategy execution. What the goal is of this blog, this site and this company is to help you to understand what is needed to better execute your marketing strategy. We’ll work to give you the insights, advice and tools to help you successfully execute your marketing strategy. And too, we […]

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