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TechTO October 2019

TechTo Knows How to Engage a Crowd

How was the TechTO October 2019 event? Is it worth three hours of your time each month? TechTO is one of the most impressive monthly industry events in Toronto. The way they involve their community, run the event and display a wide diversity of technology companies at all stages of growth keeps the events interesting, […]

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What is Social Commerce

Understanding Social Commerce

How did social commerce evolve? Social media, a platform created for entertainment and connecting with old friends has become the superweapon of marketers. Although it started as a common online space for meeting people, over time, like-minded people started to create their own community and spoke about their shared interests. This included the products they […]

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LinkedIn Network New Initiatives Marketing

Warm up Your LinkedIn Network – Here’s How…

LinkedIn! Ah, LinkedIn the official “business social network.” I want you to think about LinkedIn as a business networking event.  To use it well, you’ll want to be posting and commenting on and sharing information on your business, in your industry, what’s happening in your industry. Perhaps this includes information about or things you learned […]

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show up on social media New Initiatives Marketing

What are the Tricks to Show up in People’s Social Media Feeds?

This was a legitimate question I was asked by a very responsible business owner, “What are the tricks to show up in people’s social media feeds?” I can absolutely understand where the question comes from. Out of frustration. Businesses feel like they are trying to do everything possibly right with social media and aren’t getting […]

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employee advocacy New Initiatives Marketing

Is Employee Advocacy on Social Media Effective?

Best bang for the buck! Isn’t everyone looking for that? No matter if it is buying a house, travel deals or social media marketing, people want to know where to focus their efforts on the biggest return with the least financial output. The official question asked which started this article was “Where do we put […]

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Social media email list New Initiatives Marketing

How to Migrate Social Media Contacts Over to an Opt-In Email List (legally)

Can you relate? A question we are frequently asked is, ‘What are your recommended processes for migrating social media contacts over to an opt-in database?’ We all have significant numbers of social media contacts that we would love to add to our email distribution lists. So how do we do that? First off, we highly recommend […]

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Twitter for business growth New Initiatives Marketing

Twitter for Business Growth

Here’s how I would like you to think about Twitter to grow your business… If you have a look at the photo at the top of this article,  you will see it’s an open-air/ open-plan office.  No walls, no offices, everybody is at their own workstation. At any moment any of those people in the picture […]

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Social Media Scheduling Tools New Initiatives Marketing

Three Social Media Scheduling Tools Beyond Hootsuite

We often are asked our opinion on social media scheduling tools and what options are out there in addition to Hootsuite. To help answer this question, we have selected three alternates to Hootsuite and have also provided our top pros and cons for each scheduling tool. We’re not an affiliate with or paid to promote […]

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scheduling social media posts New Initiatives Marketing

7 Tips for Scheduling Social Media Posts

  I was asked about tips for planning posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so I gathered the 7 most effective tips I have on how to get starting scheduling social media posts, and here they are for you to use. Tip #1 – Evergreen: If you are planning on scheduling social media posts, that […]

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Oversharing on social media New Initiatives Marketing

Oversharing on Social Media

What’s the resistance to using social media for your company?  Another reason I have heard from clients as to why they are not using social media to enhance their business promotion, is they have encountered people who are oversharing inappropriate content on social media. For example, they point to people are posting things about their […]

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