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Ask a Fractional CMO is a monthly insights email where we answer B2B CEO's top questions around building their marketing function in today's complex marketing world.   
Ask a Fractional CMO

B2B Marketing Best Practices, Revealed:

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"I've reached a revenue plateau that my sales teams can't move past. I know I need marketing, but where do I start?"

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"It's time to build a marketing team to accelerate growth, but what position should I hire first? What skillsets are most important?"

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"I need marketing help, now - but with all the options out there I'm now sure the best way to move forward... hire in-house or outsource?"

Fractional CMOs Jen Kelly & Nicole Croizier answer the questions B2B CEOs need answered, now. 

In our Ask a Fractional CMO monthly insights newsletter, we answer the top questions B2B CEOs are asking around:

  • B2B Marketing Best Practices
  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Enablement
  • Thought Leadership
  • Building a B2B Marketing Team
  • Who to Hire & When to Outsource
  • Marketing Tools & Technology
  • Foundation vs. Fads

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