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The Truth about Your Marketing Budget

Most business owners inherently know that to be successful, they have to market their business. With a nebulous idea that they ‘should’ market, they determine a dollar amount to be put towards their marketing efforts, lumping every form of marketing into one broad category. This makes it difficult to determine what is actually being spent […]

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Mileage From Existing Content

There are just under 1 billion websites on the internet, churning out content every day. Is the answer to produce more content? How about repurposing the information you’ve already invested in? What is the most efficient use of marketing that maximizes the investment you’ve already made? Here are 3 simple ways to get more mileage out […]

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Content. Content. Content.

What is content? Today’s marketing experts talk about content. Digital, marketing, evergreen…But what exactly is content? Does it refer to the digitally produced material a company has, or does it have a broader meaning? Simply put, when you hear the word “content”, think “information”, think “collateral” , think “marketing materials”. It is generated for specific purposes, […]

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Is Periscope a Threat to Conference Attendance?

Getting to Know Periscope Cell phones have revolutionized the way people communicate. It’s hard to remember a time when people could not only make a phone call from virtually anywhere, they could look up directions to the nearest grocery store, find a restaurant for dinner or pay a bill anytime, any place. Social media applications […]

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Marketing is a lot Like Gardening

Marketing initiatives require patience Each spring, home improvement stores are bursting with everything the home gardener needs to establish a successful food source right in their backyard. Cartloads of soil, seeds, fertilizer and plants are purchased, with the hopeful idea that this will be the year the garden works. If there is a new, must-have product […]

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Set Up a Partner Event for Success

You’ve decided a partner event is a good idea for your business. You’ve read some examples of partner events and you’re ready to set this tactic in motion. The idea and strategy is one thing. Actually executing this marketing activity is another. This article will help you understand what action will lead to a successful […]

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Why Partner Events Increase Business Relationships

Hosting an industry event, seminar or workshop can be an ideal way to get in front of  your potential clients and build business relationships. One way to do this is to partner with another company who has a complementary offering to a similar audience. Partner to increase your skills As an organizer of the event, partnering will get […]

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More Mileage Out of Your Blog Post

Increase your blog mileage before anything else Does this sound familiar? You spend time writing your blog post. You put it online. You share it to your social networks (once). You wonder why it doesn’t get more exposure. Frustrating. Write once, share 75 times OK, maybe not 75 times. But you get the idea. Why not take […]

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How to Use Twitter for Networking

As you’re out networking at events, you know you just can’t meet everyone. You meet those you can, and follow up afterwards. But what if there was a way to extend your reach after an event? There is. Twitter. Use Twitter to network Often times the event organizer will be tweeting throughout the event. More […]

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Example of Twitter hashtag New Initiatives Marketing

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

If you are new to promoting your business on Twitter, and are a little fuzzy about what a hashtag is and why it matters, this post is for you. What are Twitter hashtags? Hashtags serve an important purpose on Twitter. Think of hashtags as keywords.  Just as you type certain words into Google when you […]

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