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Strategic Marketing a cold call started it all

How a Cold Call Resulted in Several Strategic Marketing Opportunities

If you ever get the chance to be involved in a published book project featuring yourself along with 9 other professionals from various industries, just go for it. It just may be the strategic marketing opportunity you are looking for. Through being involved in this book, and meeting the other women profiled, I’ve been introduced […]

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trade show make your next one a business development machine

How to Make Your Next Company Trade Show a New Business Development Machine

Is exhibiting at a trade show in your near future? If so, set yourself up to be a business development machine for those key days during the show. Here’s how to get people to know you are at the show, have an opportunity to like what you are doing and get on the road to […]

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outsourced marketing not out of control marketing

Outsourced Marketing is not Out of Control Marketing

Or so you may think. And I feel for you. With many services going virtual these days, what isn’t outsourced? What hasn’t been turned into a virtual service? When you are ready to choose a marketing company to help grow your business, you may be faced with this decision. Do I work with a firm […]

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outsourcing marketing

Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Isn’t Working (and what to do instead)

Many businesses are outsourcing marketing work. And they are doing so with varying degrees of success and frustration. There seems to be a promise that by handing over work you need doing to an expert, you’re guaranteed success. There are many moving parts with marketing and often what happens is several pieces are outsourced to experts, […]

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third party content

What is Third Party Content?

 Why Sharing Third Party Content is Worth the Effort When Carly T., 45, wanted to take her custom textile business to the next level, she wasn’t entirely sure where to start. The divorced mother of one had already taken her firm from her kitchen table to a warehouse workspace in her city. While she was immensely proud of […]

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How an Editorial Calendar Will Help With Your Marketing

With the demand of producing a blog, a newsletter and updating your business social media accounts, you need an editorial calendar. This tool will help you get organized, have control and never wonder “what will I write about?”. With an editorial calendar, you’ll know what to post when, what to say and have the satisfaction […]

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Purpose of an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters. You may like them or hate them. You may have too many of them clogging up your inbox. However, the email newsletter can be one of the best ways to keep top of mind with your existing and potential customers. Here are some reasons to consider adding an email newsletter to your marketing activities. […]

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speak at TEDxWomen

Want to Speak at a TEDxWomen Event? Here’s How.

(updated for 2022) If you’re reading this it’s highly likely that you’re already a very successful professional in your own right and one who has achieved many incredible things throughout their life. Why not make it the year to speak at a TEDx or TEDxWomen event? Local events are starting their application process now. You […]

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3 Kinds of Video to Use in Your Marketing

You’ve probably heard that it is more important than ever to use video in your marketing materials. You may agree, but be wondering HOW to do this. What type of video should you use? What would you say? Do you have to be in the video? I’ve found three examples of videos from three different […]

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New Initiatives Marketing is WBE Certified – supplier diversity

What a way to start of 2016! We were awarded WBE certification. What is WBE Certification? It is a certification open to 51% women owned businesses that provides opportunities to meet the buyers of corporate contracts. In our case, this would be for marketing services. And the buyers of corporate contracts are large enterprises in […]

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