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My Subcribers Opened My Email Newsletter – Now What?

  It is always such a thrill to see how many people opened your company newsletter. What are you doing next? If you’re like most, you’ll just wonder about those who didn’t open your newsletter. Instead, let’s focus on what to do next with the people who did open your newsletter. These tips will be […]

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How to Get the Most Value Out of an Online Seminar

  You’ve signed up for an online seminar. You expect to learn something about the topic. However, do you realize this seminar is an excellent opportunity to build your professional network? An online seminar is great way to save time if you are not able to get out to attend in-person networking events in your […]

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How To Get More Mileage Out of Your Content

A quick Google search of this topic came up with 16 million results.  I scanned the first page to see if anyone was talking about what I mean, and I saw a lot of great strategies for repurposing your existing content by putting it into other formats. For example, you can take a series of […]

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Conversation Starters for Event Organizers

I was at a networking event last week. I started talking to a woman who turned out to be the organizer of the evening. As our conversation ended she said “Well go and mingle.” And with a sigh she continued “No one seems to want to talk to anyone else, they all just sit down […]

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How to Find Local Business Networking Events

No matter what type of business you run, it is important to keep up with current information, new technologies or ideas, and emerging trends.  While online sources of information help, it’s well worth attending events in person. Attending an event provides two important advantages over simply researching online. First, you may learn important information through […]

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Getting the Most Out of a Tradeshow

Say there is a big industry tradeshow or conference happening in your city.  There’s no travel involved, so you definitely want to make an appearance at the multi-day event. However, instead of going to the show every day, you decide to buy a single day pass. How can you make the best use of your […]

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How to use Hashtags to Promote Your Business on Twitter

You’re on Twitter and you’ve seen hashtags littering your timeline.  Have you ever tried using them in your tweets?  If so, do you know if you’re using them effectively? Don’t get hashtags confused with keywords We’ve learned that it can be helpful to tag a blog post with a number of keywords and phrases in […]

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3 Common Billing Mistakes With Marketing Projects

New! On Twitter? Like quotes? Click to join our beta trial.  In our line of work, executing marketing strategies, the very nature of it requires that we work with or bring in partners, suppliers or independent professionals to help complete the project. Typically, our go-to people and companies are ones we’ve worked with previously. However, […]

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The Secret to an Effective Workshop? Flawless Execution

How a focus on execution can help your workshop: 7 steps Delivering a workshop can be one of the best ways to share your knowledge and get in front of your future clients. While the content of your talk needs to be relevant, helpful and insightful, you must put just as much care into the […]

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Do This One Thing When Meeting Your Virtual Team in Real Life

Grow Your Virtual Team Relationships These days, it is possible you are part of at least one team that works virtually. Perhaps each person on your team is located in a different part of the city, country or world. Your meetings and work is done over email, video conferencing or some type of virtual office arrangement like Sococo. […]

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