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Ask a Fractional CMO Website or Rebrand

Ask a Fractional CMO: Which Comes First – Website or Rebrand?

This month’s Ask a Fractional CMO question comes from a B2B leader: “We are planning to redo our website and focus on company rebranding afterward. Can New Initiatives Marketing help?” Welcome to another edition of  Ask a Fractional CMO, the monthly newsletter where we tackle pressing questions in the B2B marketing landscape. I’m Jen Kelly, […]

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NIM_B2B Marketing Dept Hiring Mistakes

Typical B2B Marketing Department Hiring Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When B2B CEOs realize it’s time to build their first marketing team, they run into common hiring mistakes that can have costly consequences. These missteps can lead to wasted time, resources, and missed growth opportunities. By understanding these pitfalls and their underlying causes, you can proactively avoid them and build a high-performing marketing team from […]

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NIM hire or Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Hire In-House or Outsource? Comparing B2B Marketing Models and Options

When it comes to building a successful B2B marketing team, CEOs have several options to consider. These include whether to hire an in-house team, outsource to marketing agencies, hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and marketing team, rely on contractors and freelancers, or opt for a DIY approach.  Each option has its benefits and challenges, and […]

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NIM navigating complex b2b marketing

Navigating the Complexities of B2B Marketing

Today’s B2B marketing landscape is more complex than ever before. As a CEO, understanding these complexities at a high level can help you make informed decisions around your best first steps when it comes to making a more serious investment in marketing and choosing the marketing model that best fits your company. Here are some […]

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NIM demystifying B2B marketing and marketing strategy

Demystifying B2B Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide for CEOs

As a B2B CEO, when you’ve reached the point when you know you need to invest more seriously in marketing, choosing the marketing model, approach and methods that are best for your company is not an easy task.  Why? Because B2B marketing today has become so complex and there are so many marketing options to […]

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NIM top 6 challenges CEOs have starting B2B marketing in their firms

Investing in B2B Marketing: Top 6 Challenges for CEOs

As a CEO, when you reach the point of investing more significantly in B2B marketing, it may seem like securing the budget would be your primary challenge. However, once the budget is in place, you soon realize that the real challenge lies in figuring out where and how to spend the dollars.  So why is […]

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B2B marketing who to hire first

Who to Hire First? A Guide to Building Your Initial B2B Marketing Team

When you’re building your first marketing team, it’s not enough to understand the various roles that make up a typical best practices B2B marketing team, you also need to know which people to bring on first. After all,  building out your marketing function, whether you’re hiring in-house or outsourcing or going the Fractional CMO + […]

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NIM b2b marketing leader hire first

The Mistake of Starting Small: Why You Need to Hire a B2B Marketing Leader First

When B2B CEOs realize it’s time to invest in building a marketing team, the tendency is often to start small—perhaps too small. Fueled by budget constraints or a desire for a ‘lean’ start, many make the critical mistake of hiring a junior marketer or a single generalist who they think can wear all hats. While […]

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Building B2B Marketing Team Who Does What

Building Your First B2B Marketing Team: Who Does What?

Gone are the days of a single marketing generalist who can do everything. In the modern marketing world, a well-structured B2B marketing team often includes a variety of roles, each contributing unique expertise to achieve your company’s marketing goals.  Since the advent of the Internet followed by more and more social media platforms, smartphones, tablets, […]

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NIM Fractional CMO led B2B Marketing team

Building Your First B2B Marketing Team? 6 Questions You Need to Answer

When it’s time to invest in B2B marketing, what are your next steps? Should you hire a Fractional CMO, staff up in-house or outsource? Have you grown your B2B firm to a certain level on CEO and sales-led initiatives alone? Is hiring more salespeople or making more calls no longer working to move the revenue […]

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