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What is marketing execution?

Once the strategy is in place, things must happen to bring about the desired change-that is the point of it all. The wonderful combination of visualization, glamour of naval gazing, sparks of inspiration, and cranial gymnastics can produce an exceptional strategy and plan. It can all be entertaining and even fascinating. But until excellent execution makes it actually happen, all is for naught.

Execution makes all the necessary elements of marketing work to bring strategy to life. For example, tradeshows, advertising, public relations, social media contribution and a blog can coordinate to generate leads. Each element needs all details covered and properly contributing to make the plan live and produce results.

Just as a symphony orchestra, quartet, or trio brings together skill and expertise of diverse instruments, marketing execution draws on an immense range of specific and specialized skills. Each musician gets variable use through a performance as does each marketing element.

The orchestra or any band performance is based on the work of a composer, or we would never be stirred by and entertained with the result. That composition or music plan must be well played, recorded and produced before we can bob our heads to the beat of a hit song. Execution gets that done.

The conductor and producer execute the plan to produce a hit. Marketing execution makes the strategy a success.

The strategy and plan are as essential as the notes on the composer’s sheet music and each represents potential. Execution brings the oxygen in to give it life and deliver the results.