Enterprise marketing teams rely on us to get things done

Hiring freeze? Need skills but not 40hrs per week? Need an extra set of professionals to help get a campaign out the door or launch completed?

The Problem With Marketing and In-house Marketing Teams

Sure, you can farm out your work to IBBO or Don’t Panic Management or another virtual assistant, which we have used in the past and have great things to say about those vendors. However, the vendors are not the problem. The problem still seems to be that the Duct Tape Consultant is playing traffic cop trying to coordinate all the work, and is often dealing with professionals who only have a single view of your project and the checklist of items they do to get your one thing done.

You outsourced because you wanted to focus on strategy and client management… you end up getting dragged into the weeds…

  • This means, graphic design coming back off brand (did they not read the brand guide???)
  • Written content coming back not well written for your persona (did a robot write this???)
  • Blogs not loaded to the website properly nor SEO’d (they said they knew WordPress….)
  • Online review campaigns not on brand, not deploying correctly (do they have a clue about first impressions???)
  • You’re new to the network and have not bought all the tools/subscriptions yet (…I’ll be paying to do client work!!!)
  • And other things going wrong….

You end up fixing this yourself, or re-briefing the team, then feeling like you haven’t outsourced anything!!!


A Fellow Enterprise Marketing Professional  

 Jen Kelly has been focused on supporting enterprise marketing teams since 2015
Prior to that she was an enterprise marketer for project-based work starting in 2009

Before that she was part of or leading in-house B2B/B2C marketing teams from 1994-2009.

Jen Kelly

The Strategic Partner Advantage of
Jen Kelly and New Initiatives Marketing

Imagine if you could hand off all the marketing tactics to be executed, led by a fellow marketing strategist…

  • A partner who knows the ins-and-outs of the tactics you are deploying for your client
  • A partner who knows the Duct Tape Marketing system and philosophy
  • A partner who takes the time to understand your client’s strategy/persona/goals
  • A partner who reviews all tactics before you see the final version… piece of mind that it is done right the first time
  • A partner who can execute your client work using all the tools/subscriptions you know and love
  • A partner share the tools so you don’t have to buy them until they make financial sense for your volume of clients

With all this, you are freed up to focus on strategy, client relationships and getting more clients.

Sound good? Shall we talk?

Jen's team at New Initiatives Marketing Inc. is highly skilled at the execution of marketing strategies and are seasoned at being the back-office support for fellow Duct Tape Consultants and marketing companies outside of the DTM network.

Where's the glory and fame in marketing execution, you may wonder? Well, Jen personally thinks it is a crying shame when a sound marketing strategy is left to wither on the vine due to lack of interest, capability or wilingness to execute. And she's put together a reliable team to do this. Let's see if we can help you.


Typically a monthly flat rate or per item delivered.
What works best for you?

Let’s Get Your Team Supported!

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