With a Fractional CMO & Expert B2B Marketing Team

We help CEOs of mid-size B2B firms build the resilient marketing foundation they need to enable sales teams, weather economic storms, and set the stage for consistent, long term growth.

Jen Kelly: Founder & CEO, New Initiatives Marketing

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Have you reached a sales plateau?

We give busy B2B CEOs the instant marketing team they need to enable sales channels, move past revenue plateaus, and install the right marketing system to support long term growth.

A marketing agency is not enough. Hiring the right in-house team takes time.
With our Fractional CMO & B2B Marketing Team, you get the senior marketing guidance and expert tactical team you need, right now.

Jen Kelly

Jen Kelly, Founder & CEO

What We Do For You

"New Initiatives Marketing has helped us implement a marketing system that has increased the number of inquiries we get resulting in more bookings and more sales."

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Meet Your Fractional CMOs

Have you grown your B2B firm to a certain level on CEO and sales-led initiatives alone? Is hiring more salespeople or making more calls no longer working to move the revenue needle? Have you reached a sales plateau that is hard to move past?

Then this might be a sign that it’s time to invest more seriously in marketing. 

But where do you start? Should you hire in-house (and if so what role(s) do you need and how long will this take?), or engage a marketing agency (but who’s going to manage the agency and make sure their work is in-line with your business goals and marketing strategy)?

At NIM, we offer an alternative for busy B2B CEOs who need both marketing leadership and on-the-ground tactical support right now. We become your instant Fractional CMO & Expert B2B Marketing team. So if you need senior level strategy marketing support and guidance along with a team of tactical experts who are truly “Done And Done” superstars in the business world – then NIM can help.

I want to engage with interesting people and businesses, define the right marketing strategies and weave in my implementation expertise to make things happen faster and more effectively and than you ever thought possible.

I am determined to get my clients the results of a world class marketing system. And the funny thing is… it’s probably right under your fingertips and inside the minds of your customers right now. But someone has to ask the right questions and know what to do when the right answer comes. That’s what we do.

As NIM’s founder, I have more than 15 years experience working with technology businesses of all sizes. But at this stage in my life I’m passionate about working with mid-sized B2B firms who don’t have senior marketing leadership in place, want to partner with marketing experts, and are able to make fast decisions and have the passion to build not just a business but a legacy.

If this sounds like you, then set up a free consultation call now.

New Initiatives Marketing is Duct Tape Marketing Certified

Duct Tape Marketing is a strategic marketing and Fractional CMO methodology built specifically for and proven in thousands of mid-sized B2B companies and other businesses. We have extensive training in these methods and leverage the Duct Tape Marketing consultant network to extend the power of work.

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