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What Happens in One Internet Minute

One Internet Minute

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, “What are the trends that are happening within social media?”

The reason why this question is so difficult to answer is that there are so many things going on,  and therefore too many to narrow it down to a handful of trends that may be of interest to you or applicable to your business.

Instead of focusing on trends or predictions, let’s see what is actually going on during One Internet Minute. Whether you like any of these social media platforms or not, this information will help demonstrate the amount of activity that happens every single minute on the Internet.

The numbers are absolutely staggering…

In one Internet minute:

  • 80 million text messages are sent and received
  • 3 million videos are viewed on YouTube
  • 375,000 apps are downloaded
  • 174,000 people are scrolling on Instagram
  • and our favourite, Twitter, with 481,000 Tweets sent


The volumes are amazing. Pause for a moment and consider that within these volumes there is going to be a niche for you, for your business, and for your social media activity.

I’d urge you to try and remove any personal bias and emotion from the equation, and take some time to research these opportunities. Ask yourself and your colleagues, “Are we missing out because some of these social networks are exactly where our clients are, yet we are not present?”

Time is ticking, let’s continue…

In one Internet minute:

  • 175 million emails are sent every minute
  • There are 973,000 logins to Facebook
  • Voice-first search is increasingly used; are you showing up in the search results?
  • Communication happens via WhatsApp messages (38 million), Facebook messenger messages with GIFs (25 thousand), and SnapChat (2.4 million Snaps)
  • $862,000 USD is spent every minute online
  • And this site will give you real-time stats on the Google search volume today

People are accessing and using all of these channels during an Internet minute. The purpose of this post is to, one; blow your mind if you didn’t realize all of this was happening and two; really increase your understanding that things are happening on these channels and within social media. All day, every day.

Think about where the opportunity exists for your company.


Image credit – Visual Capitalist

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