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Social Media Scheduling Tools New Initiatives Marketing

Three Social Media Scheduling Tools Beyond Hootsuite

We often are asked our opinion on social media scheduling tools and what options are out there in addition to Hootsuite. To help answer this question, we have selected three alternates to Hootsuite and have also provided our top pros and cons for each scheduling tool. We’re not an affiliate with or paid to promote […]

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scheduling social media posts New Initiatives Marketing

7 Tips for Scheduling Social Media Posts

  I was asked about tips for planning posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so I gathered the 7 most effective tips I have on how to get starting scheduling social media posts, and here they are for you to use. Tip #1 – Evergreen: If you are planning on scheduling social media posts, that […]

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Oversharing on social media New Initiatives Marketing

Oversharing on Social Media

What’s the resistance to using social media for your company?  Another reason I have heard from clients as to why they are not using social media to enhance their business promotion, is they have encountered people who are oversharing inappropriate content on social media. For example, they point to people are posting things about their […]

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Facebook business page New Initiatives Marketing

Facebook Business Page Opportunities (Particularly if You’re a B2B Company)

One social media platform that should not be ignored is Facebook. I find the idea of Facebook for business is frequently met with resistance and comments including: “We are a tech company, we don’t need Facebook.” “We are B2B, Facebook is not the right platform for B2B companies.” “We are very focused on our industry, […]

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Social Media Statistics New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

Opinion…Is Social Media Helpful for Your Business?

Let’s get to the heart of the resistance that some business owners have regarding using different social media platforms to grow their business. We have found that no other marketing channel we work with receives as much passionate resistance as social media. When we suggest channels such as podcasts, radio or billboards, depending on what […]

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One Internet Minute 2021

What Happens in One Internet Minute

Updated for 2021 One of the most common questions that we get asked is, “What are the trends that are happening within social media?” The reason why this question is so difficult to answer is that there are so many things going on,  and therefore too many to narrow it down to a handful of […]

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customer journey New Initiatives Marketing

How to Think About Your Customer’s Journey

You may be wondering why the sales funnel aka buyer’s journey matters… Marketers have long held to the idea of the marketing and sales funnel. This is a concept that suggests you start with a large target group and somehow squeeze a few clients down through the small end of the funnel. What happens though, at […]

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social media for business 7 tips to finally get started New Initiatives Marketing

Social Media for Business – 7 Easy Tips to (finally) Get-Started

Using Social media as an individual is a very different experience than using social media for business. Your personal social media stream is a reflection of your personality and a variety of interests. It’s much less structured, less curated, and more free and open. Using social media for your company is a different experience, one […]

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outsourcing online reviews

Business Tip – Start Outsourcing Online Reviews

Managing your company’s online reviews is a vital piece of your online reputation. This engagement can be time-consuming to do well. Best results come when you solicit reviews soon after your customer makes a purchase or has a positive experience with some part of your business service. Outsourcing online reviews may be a good option […]

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Why Online Reviews Matter

Five Stars: The Importance of Online Reviews to Your Sales

  How often do you find yourself choosing to watch the Netflix shows with the highest ratings, or browsing Amazon for 5-star product listings? Online reviews are surely changing the way that we utilize services and shop for products while on the web. Decision making has become a community-based and public endeavour, and positive reviews […]

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